Monday, August 1, 2011


LIFE starts with violence but ends with silence
LOVE starts with fear but ends with tear
true FRIENDSHIP starts however and ends never


hope makes life possible
faith makes life workable
love makes life beautiful
a friend makes life meaningful


a friend gives hope when life is low
a friend is a place when you've nowhere to go
a friend is honest
a friend is true
a friend is precious
a friend is YOU


a special smile
a special face
a special one
nobody can replace!
a special thanks from me to you,
for the special friendship i have found in you.


Dreams give rise 2 hope.
Hope inspires efforts.
Effort results in success.
So dreams r the root of success.
Let all ur dreams com true.


Night is beautiful,
Night is sleep,
Night is dream,
Night is calm and quite,
Night is full moon light,
night is incomplete without
wishing U Good night


I hope that angels will keep you in sight.
Now just to make sure you feel all right.
I am going to wish you a wonderful night


The loveliest day comes
when you wake up to find
that love still colors your world
through people who truly care
and never fail to remember you


a star never stop lighting until it finished
a nature never gonna ugly until it made
like all these until u want nothing gonna change our friendship

it is you 001

true friends see u true,
belive in things u do,
feel good when ur dreams come true,
best of all they don't judge u...
they simply like u because u are "YOU"

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